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Horrified! Here are some types of worms in the human body and their consequences

Types of worms in the human body - What comes to your mind when you hear the word worms? Amused? Disgusted? Throw up? Yes, that is normal.

I'm sure that we often hear the word "earthworm", am I right?

Earthworms are well known, in my opinion. Maybe you've even seen it yourself or even held it directly?

It looks ridiculous, but did you know that earthworms have many benefits for the soil ecosystem itself. These worms act as decomposers and can fertilize the soil.

Maybe all this time you only know that worms only live in nature, right? This is just my guess.

In fact, you play with worms every day. How come? Yes, because according to studies in the health sector, there are various kinds of worms in our bodies.

There are many types of worms in the human body, even in the animal body. Worms in the human body are certainly parasitic worms that can harm our bodies.

Even most types of worms in the human body cause fatal diseases. For example, itching, vomiting, blindness, can even cause death.

Maybe what comes to your mind if the type of worm in the human body is small. Well it turns out on the contrary, there are many types of worms in the human body and vary in size and effect on the body.

We must often hear worms. Often people take this disease for granted, but it turns out that there are dangers that are not really aware of because not many people know.

In order to know more and be more careful, here is a summary of the types of worms in the human and animal bodies.

Types of Worms in the Human Body

Here are some types of worms in the human body:

1.Worms bracelet (Ascaris lumbricoides)

This worm is arguably the largest of the types of worms in the human body, and has even been found living in human feces reaching a size of 15 to 35 cm. So far, roundworms infect humans very often.

Female roundworms can lay up to 200,000 eggs per day which will then be released along with human feces. The worm eggs in our stomach reproduce for 2 months and after that they will hatch.

Mode of Transmission

The mode of transmission of this roundworm is that it can be transmitted from human to human again through food that is held with dirty hands and is not kept clean. It can also be caused by flies contaminated with worm eggs that land on our food, which are then swallowed and enter the stomach.

The Effect of Worms in the Human Body

Symptoms that arise when worms enter our stomach such as decreased appetite, feel nauseous, the stomach bulges like edema of hunger (malnutrition), watery stool can be mixed with mucus and also bloody.


Prevention of roundworm infection is to maintain body hygiene by washing hands before eating and maintaining a good environment, and of course humans who are infected with roundworms must be immediately brought to a doctor so they don't experience more serious things.

Braceletworm Taxonomy

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Nematodes
  • Class: Secernentea
  • Order: Ascaridida
  • Family: Ascarididae
  • Genus: Ascaris
  • Species: Ascaris lumbricoides

2. Leaf worms (Trematoda)

This type of worm has a body that is not segmented and reproduces by laying eggs.

These worms can live and develop in the bodies of animals such as goats and cows. These leafworms can also live in the human body directly through the pores and enter the bloodstream when humans are in watery areas where there are many leaf worms.

When the leafworms have entered the stomach, these worms will move and penetrate the intestinal wall, then move again to the lungs and heart and then to the liver.

Mode of Transmission

Leafworms can enter the body through food such as fish, aquatic plants, snails, snails, and other aquatic animals that have been infected with leafworms. This happens when humans consume these foods when they are not fully cooked or when cooking errors occur

Effect of Leaf Worms on the Human Body

When the leafworms are in the liver, the leafworms are able to cause the cells in the liver to malfunction, then automatically the liver function becomes damaged, and the most fatal is that it can cause death.

Leafworm Taxonomy

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Platyhelminthes
  • Class: Trematodes
  • Order: Echinostomida
  • Family: Fascioliae
  • Genus: Fasciola
  • Species: Fasciola Hepatica

3. Pinworms (Oxyuris vermicularis)

This type of worm in the stomach more often attacks young children, especially in children who often put their hands in their mouths without washing them first.

This worm lives in the large intestine, but the female worm will leave the large intestine and go to the anal canal, so this is where she will lay eggs. When it comes out of the anus like this, it will feel itchy.

Around us, pinworms are often known as pinworms. These worms have small sizes, their bodies are smooth, almost like threads, are white and have a body length of only 3 to 5 mm.

Mode of Transmission

The mode of transmission of this pinworm is that it can enter directly through the mouth with a food intermediary. It can even enter accidentally through the mouth when the child scratches his itchy anal canal.

The Effect of Pinworms on the Human Stomach

This pinworm lives by eating the contents of the intestines, causing children who suffer from pinworms to be malnourished.

The child who suffers from suffering will also have impaired development because the food juices that should be absorbed by the body for growth are eaten by worms in his stomach.

Pinworms will cause itching around the anus. Even in girls, worms in the stomach can cause inflammation of the vagina because the larvae of worms around the anus will reach around the vagina. Beware!

Pinworm Taxonomy

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Nematodes
  • Class: Secernentea
  • Order: Oxyurides
  • Family: Oxyuridae
  • Genus: Enterobius
  • Species: Enterobius Vermicularis

4.Mine worms (Ancylostoma Duodenale and Necator Americanus)

This hookworm is a very terrible type of worm in the human body! During its life, this worm continues to suck blood in the human intestine.

For the neractor type, this hookworm sucks about 0.03 ml of blood per day, while for the ancylocosta type, it sucks about 0.2 ml of blood per day.

According to a study it is known that a quarter of the world's population has been infected by hookworms. The most common cases of infection are in warm and humid areas and with poor hygiene.

Mode of Transmission

A person can be infected with hookworms if direct contact with soil that has animal and human feces with hookworms in it.

Hookworms can also be transmitted through the skin of the feet infected with worm larvae, then carried to the intestines through blood vessels until they finally settle in the small intestine.

Effects of Mining Worms on Human Stomach

Some of the symptoms caused by this hookworm are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weak body strength, shortness of breath and a feeling of ringing in the ears.

Then the clinical symptoms are anemia, a result of hookworms attacking the milk in adults. The degree of anemia also depends on how many hookworms are and how much blood is sucked.

The main cause is poor hygiene. This can occur due to defecating in dirty places so that these hookworms can grow and reproduce.

Mining Worm Taxonomy

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Nematodes
  • Class: Secernentea
  • Order: Strongylida
  • Family: Ancylostomatidae
  • Genus: Ancylostoma
  • Species: Ancylostoma duodenale

5. Tapeworms in Humans (Taeniasis)

Tapeworms are known as dangerous vertebrate parasites because they attack humans, cattle, buffalo and pigs. Diseases caused by this disease are known as taeniasis and cysticercosis.

This type of tapeworm has a long and flat shape like a ribbon, also has a small head. This worm has a kind of hook in its body to attach itself to the intestinal wall of humans.

There are three types of Taenia species, the first is Taenia solium or often known as the pork tapeworm, the second is Taenia saginata, which often occurs in cows. The third is Taenia Asiatica which is the third form of Taenia solium and saginata.

Many infections in the human body are caused by solium species or often known as pork tapeworms.

These tapeworms enter through food in the form of meat that has been contaminated by worms or worm eggs which then multiply in the intestinal tissue.

Mode of Transmission

Tapeworms can enter our bodies through foods such as beef, pork, or other meat that has been contaminated with worms or worm eggs.

Effect of Tapeworms on Human Stomach

Some of the serious symptoms that arise due to this worm infection are stomach cramps, stabbing pain, nausea, frequent dizziness, pale face, slimy stools and reduced appetite.

Symptoms of an invasive infection due to tapeworms have the possibility of causing damage to organs and tissues. Symptoms include fever, lumps or cysts, allergic reactions, bacterial infections, and neurological symptoms such as seizures.

Tapeworm Taxonomy

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Platyhelminthes
  • Class: Cestoda
  • Order: Cyclophylidea
  • Genus: Taenia
  • Family: Taeneidea
  • Species: Solium

Video on How to Spread Tapeworms in Humans

The following is a video on how to spread tapeworms in humans taken from Youtube.

Those are the types of worms in the human body, hopefully they can add information. Once again I remind you that basically worms arise from food that is not clean or cooking is not right.

It turns out that there are so many types of worms in the human body, so, be careful in eating, keep clean.


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