Benefits of Artemisia Annua for Health

The Artemisia Annua plant may still sound foreign to some people. In fact, this herbaceous plant has various health benefits that are a pity to miss…

The Best Herbal Medicines That Are Effective To Overcome All Disease Complaints

Herbal medicine is very useful for curing all kinds of disease risks such as cough, gout, to cholesterol. If you don't believe me, you can try it…

Cloves, Herbs and Spices with Various Benefits

"Cloves contain compounds that can provide health benefits. There have been many studies that reveal the efficacy of this Indonesian spice.” Clo…

Benefits of Medicinal Coffee Parasite Plants to Fight Cancer

Indonesia is a country that has high biodiversity, so that Indonesia is called a "mega biodiversity" country. One of the riches of biodiver…

Coffee Tree Parasite And Its Benefits For The Human Body

Plants with the Latin name Macrosolen cochinchinensis can benefit our health So far we know that the name parasites are parasitic plants. Because wh…
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