Causes of Drought and Its Impact on Life

The causes of drought are quite diverse and differ in each region. The cause of drought is usually through a natural process, but unfortunately it is…

Water Dispute Triggers Drought Disaster on Euphrates River

Transnational water conflicts lurk on the Euphrates River. Climate change, war and agricultural expansion have resulted in prolonged droughts. Turkey…

Effective Ways to Reduce Food Waste and Save Expenditures

The United States disposes of at least 35 tons of food waste every year. This means that each individual in the US wastes 30 percent of the food they…

The most beautiful hidden tourist spots in the world

Do you want to plan a vacation with friends, family, or honeymoon with loved ones? Confused where to find a cool place and beautiful scenery? this ti…

Spruce That Outlived Dinosaurs, Endangered

The monkey puzzle tree, a type of evergreen tree that grows to a diameter of 1--1.5 meters and a height of 30--40 meters, is now threatened with exti…

The Mystery Story Behind the Legendary Beauty of Mount Ceremai

Mount Ciremai is quite popular among nature-loving tourists. The highest mountain in the State of West Java, Indonesia, has an attraction not only in…
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