The Mystery Story Behind the Legendary Beauty of Mount Ceremai

Mount Ciremai has a height of 3,078 meters above sea level, quite popular among nature lovers. The highest mountain in West Java, Indonesia
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The Mystery Story Behind the Legendary Beauty of Mount Ceremai

Mount Ciremai is quite popular among nature-loving tourists. The highest mountain in the State of West Java, Indonesia, has an attraction not only in terms of its natural beauty, but also many interesting myths and mysteries to explore.

Mount Ciremai which has a height of 3,078 meters above sea level (MDPL) is located covering three districts; Cirebon, Kuningan, and Majalengka.

In addition to being covered in mystery, Mount Ciremai National Park also has many legends that are still spoken by the surrounding community.

Then what are the mysteries in Mount Ceremai? The following is quoted from the Instagram account @ayodolan.

Nyi Linga and the Leopard Nyi Linga

Nyi Lingga and the Leopard Nyi Lingga, is one of the figures who are considered as guardians of the Batu Lingga area on Mount Ciremai. The figure is also related to one of the Wali Songo figures, namely Sunan "Gunung Jati".

Batu Lingga

It is said that Nyi Lingga is the person who continues the healing of Sunan Gunung Jati, which is located on a large rock called Batu Lingga. In fact, he was also accompanied by two types of leopards, believed to gain knowledge of kanuragan.

However, in the middle of her meditation, Nyi Lingga failed and died. But strangely, the leopard that always accompanied him was not even there, and became one of the mysterious irregularities to this day.

Then came the myths, if there is an old grandmother and a leopard in the Batu Lingga area, it is considered a supernatural figure of Nyi Lingga and her favorite wild animal.

Gamelan Sound

For those of you who are lucky when you are climbing, you will hear the sound of Gamelan. The sound of the musical instrument is not human, but its existence is very mysterious. So if you think about it, it sounds a little illogical if you are on a mountain and hear the sound of gamelan.

The Mystery Story Behind the Legendary Beauty of Mount Ceremai

It is said that the sound of this gamelan is a welcome greeting that comes from the 'inhabitants' of the mountain. But on the other hand there are also those who think that the sound is a sound that comes from spirits. Where they want to outwit the concentration of the climbers, so that they get lost and get off the hiking trail.

For that, for those of you who intend to climb, try to stay focused and don't daydream a lot, or do things that are not polite. Also pay attention to the hiking trail, because there are many incidents of climbers missing from the designated area.

Father Tere's Ascent

Next is Father Tere's Ascent, or if it is interpreted in Indonesian, it is Stepfather's Ascent. This path is one of the very steep climbs, so it is often referred to as an incline of torture for climbers who cross it.

Father Tere's Ascent

Later you will pass this path when going to the top, via the Linggarjati route in the Kuningan area, West Java. On this incline your physical strength will be greatly tested, because you have to climb by crawling.

In addition, there is a myth in this Mr. Tere Ascent. It is said that this incline is called Father Tere because in ancient times there was a stepfather who took his son to climb this mountain. But suddenly the child was killed just as he was on the incline.

Tradition of Avoiding Magical Creatures

Then there is the tradition of avoiding supernatural beings, which is one of the unique traditions confirmed by a caretaker of Mount Ciremai named Maman.

Maman often gives advice to climbers, to stomp on the earth three times and say greetings to avoid supernatural beings.

Starling and Black Wasp

The presence of starlings and black wasps on Mount Ceremai adds to the awesomeness. Usually this animal you will meet when you are in Post VI or post scavengers.

Post VI

Its existence became very mysterious because the two animals seemed to be taking the climbers when they were about to cross the Pengalap Post to the Seruni Post. Local people believe the animal will not disturb the climbers as long as the climbers do not disturb the arrival of the animal.

Abstinence when going to Mount Ceremai

Don't forget that there are taboos on Mount Ciremai, which is to be careful if you want to climb Mount Ciremai because there are some taboos that you must pay attention to.

According to the caretaker of Mount Ciremai, the prohibition is not to hold the lufut, complain, urinate and defecate carelessly, and every time climbers want to enter and leave the post, they are required to say greetings as a sign of politeness.

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