Jay Kim said, Islam Is Not What the Western Media Describes

Islam is seen as an energy that motivates and inspires life. Propaganda discrediting Islam is deeply imprinted in the hearts of many people of the wo…

The Prophet's Love for People with Leprosy: Know the Causes and Symptoms

Leprosy or leprosy is identified with a dangerous, disgusting, highly contagious and deadly disease. Therefore, this disease must be avoided. In hist…

The Importance of Teaching Boys to Respect Women

Very important to educate boys who are civilized and noble, because it is the men who will lead the generation. They are leaders for women's. All…

"Do you know long time ago they (European People) dont even know what Toilet is..."

Toilet in Russell Square, London A Netizen from Indonesia who married a British citizen told a story about his experience in London. This conversatio…

Reason why Islam prohibits urination from standing

This urination or the subtle language of urinating is not a strange thing for mankind. Every human being does this activity to remove the metabolic r…

April Fools: Spanish Muslim Massacre on April 1

The April Fool's Day celebration, which always ends with joy and satisfaction, actually started from a big tragedy that was very sad and heartbre…
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