"Do you know long time ago they (European People) dont even know what Toilet is..."

Conversation took place after he walked around the city of London where all the toilets in the common place did not have water except only toilet pape
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Toilet in Russell Square, London

A Netizen from Indonesia who married a British citizen told a story about his experience in London.

This conversation took place after he walked around the city of London where all the toilets in the common place did not have water except only toilet paper.

Only in Muslim places of worship and Muslim homes provide special kettle for istinja '(wash butt) which contains water.

Then ask her husband who has converted to Islam before they marry,

"What do you think about lay toilets in the City of London where there is no water, while London is a city of Rain Throughout the year?"

Then her husband answered casually and calmly;

"Do you know long time ago they don't even know what Toilet is!"

What? I mean the Europeans don't know what toilet is at all?

"Owh... Really?"

Her husband told of history where since ancient times Europe did not know what "Toilet" was.

When it was 'dark age' or more always called "the dark age", Europe for hundreds of years was not hygiene, maintained cleanliness and did not know sanitation and irrigation systems.

Speaking of toilets, he told me that toilets throughout London always seem dry. Different from toilets in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia where the toilets always look wet. Except Singapore, which adopted western culture where the toilet was dry and "visible" clean.

Western arguments say, "wash butt using water will make the toilet become dirty on the toilet!"

Thus they only use toilet pape as a means to make a bowing after defecating!

Then I thought, 'how before you created the toilet paper?'

Yes, the typical toilet paper was created and produced in the early 1920s. More than 13 million trees were cut only to produce toilet paper.

And before that the Europeans fell after defecating using "corncob"!

Is that Corncob?

Corncob is a corncob which has been peeled out of the corn kernels that's what is used for cebwash buttok! WTF?

Hahaha... I laughed to myself imagining it... Wash butt uses corn stalks that have been peeled out of the loose seeds... Hahaha... How naive bro...

But that's the fact! The process of making Corncob by peeling the corn seeds for cooking, while the corn cobs are soaked in water mixed with burning ash. Then it is dried in the sun to dry. And the corncob is made that is soft and dry. Then the base of the corncob stalk is laced and hung in a typical defecation room. Ha ha ha..

Further before the corncob discovery, they made the white goose neck "toilet paper"...

What the F*ck? The more impressive and for the eyes to look at it!

When there was a lot of creativity, many expreations were made to make "toilet paper" at that time.

There are those who make a tool using a 'velvet mask', a feathered mask that is always used by noble women when attending parties so that their faces are not too visible.

Some use hoods to shawls (hoods of singer women (entertainers) as wash butt tools), but are not comfortable. Even though it looks soft and smooth, the beads that are on it make the skin of the part of the place remove dirt and become irritated by skin.

There are also those who make cat fur that is still alive as a wash butt... But it's risky in cat's claws... Hahahaha ..

Until someone creates fragrant and soft gloves for cutting purposes.

And various others but no one is able to beat the soft and "warm" neck of the white goose!

Where in addition to the softness of the feathers found on the goose's neck, also the extraordinary warmth because the goose is a living swan bro! Yes, goose live !! Ha ha ha...

Then what kind of way to make a bow with the goose neck that is still alive? Heh...!

How, cut the goose's neck between the rectum, then pull it in the front and back a lot... Hahaha.. stomach ache imagine it...

Once felt clean enough, then the goose is released and will be caught again if needed.

If you live in that era, it will be a sight to see no geese roaming the neighborhoods of residents' houses having necks that are slightly brown or yellowish and smell bad...

If there is a time machine, go and don't forget selfie to share with us yea... Yak! ~


Formerly the Europeans did not know the concept and purpose of bathing. Because the reason is that the weather is cold and does not allow showering.

There came a western scientist who just came home to gain knowledge from Andalusia that uses soap created by Muslims in Andalusia, then they bathe...

For Catholics at the time that bathing was a taboo or strange matter!

The most surprising thing was that the Europeans did not have a sanitation system. Where they provide a container (bucket) to defecate. Then save it under the bed. The next day it will be thrown away through the window of their house... Hehehe...

Almost all houses have small trenches to drain what they throw from the window and will flow when it rains...

Thus Europe has experienced several outbreaks of disease in a mass manner where the plug and cholera became a disease that was feared so that millions of people die every year from this epidemic.

The science of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene and sanitation systems after some western scientists went and studied in the cities of Cordoba, Andalusia in Spain when Spain was ordered by Muslims before being captured by Spanish and British Christian forces through Gibraltar or Muslim "Jabal Tariq" means "Tariq Hill '.

They saw and wondered how the city was so beautiful and clean and there was no stench everywhere...

After studying it from Andalusia, the government failed to remodel and create a large-scale sanitation system to prevent infectious diseases that have haunted Europeans.

Previously when Muslim forces first entered through Spain and France, Muslim troops were willing to cover their noses when they met local residents there who smelled bad because they rarely bathed!

There is something that is not so smelly, but actually smells fragrant because it uses perfume. That is mostly aristocracy. Fragrant is not always bathing. But the perfume is to cover their body odor that rarely bathes....

Then when westerners visit Islamic lands, they are very stunned and full of question marks, why are they odorless even to ordinary people like farmers and unskilled laborers?

After years of living in Muslim countries they finally found out the secret of the inhabitants of Muslim countries whose bodies were odorless because they practiced a minimum of 2 baths a day and 5 times a day as taught by their Prophet Muhammad.

Muslims practice hygine and healthy ways of life as taught by the Prophet Muhammad.

The invasion and release of Europe by Muslims brought major changes to the European countries at that time.

Not only hygiene, but a lot of useful knowledge about bringing Muslims to the West. Among other things, the anatomy of the human body where when it was only Muslim physicians who dared to do surgery on the stomach of patients who were dependent

The science of falaq (astronomy) or astrology where Europe through church orders prohibits scientists from studying stars.

At that time the church forbade it because it was considered heretical and heretical by the church. That's why Galileo was burned down by the church because he made a statistic about astrology which stated for the first time, "The Sun is the center of the universe, not the Earth ... The Church has asked him to withdraw the statement, but Galileo refused and was willing to die by god of the church.

Mathematics and physics were also brought by the Mulimin in making approx. Therefore, only Islamic numerics are able to make multiplication up to billions of times that Roman numbers cannot do because the Roman numeral system does not have a "0" digit.

That is why computer systems that are now running with mathematical algorithms rely on empty numbers (0) as representing "none".

If there are non-Muslims who say, "Islam must thank the western world with their computer technology..." is a comic that makes me smile broadly.

Because even the super computer system still relies on algorithms as a basic mathematical foundation to be able to process bit by bit....

Muslims also introduce the European community how to brush their teeth after eating using siwak wood made from fragrant twigs of "miswak" wood and so on in modern times used as ingredients for making toothpaste...

Siwak Wood
For knowledge, the Europeans only cleanse their mouths after eating only by gargling. But Muslims teach a cleaner way than that.

The production of new dental cleaning equipment was first produced in the 18th century.

That's a little as much as the history of how the Europeans learned to bathe from the Muslim nation.


Returning to the discussion of Spain in the 7th century, Andalusia already had a sanitation system and an irrigation system, as well as shower cubicles and toilets that were very good at it. Even when the Europeans did not recognize how to bathe...

When Andalusia already had expert doctors and herbal doctors from botany, the Europeans only knew that the illness was a curse or a spill.

When Andalusia has created shower rooms and toilets, the Europeans are still throwing human waste on the road near their homes.

The Muslims took water from the top of the mountain and brought it down to the bottom using "paip" made of wood trees, and made canals to be passed through the city and houses until every house was able to get clean water supplies.

They create it without destroying, blocking, or blocking something. The designs they make for it are all very good and neat. They use gravity for all that the concept is "something from the top down..."

When you visit Spain at this time, go to Granada, you can still see the sanitation and irrigation systems that have been used since Muslims ruled the area.

Water flows all over the city and homes, it's a remarkable achievement that was created in the 7th century!

Mathematics, Botany, Sanitation, Irrigation, Astronomy, Philosophy, History, Jurisprudence and various advances developed by the Spanish Muslim community which is the basis of a system that is developing now.

All that encouraged progress and development and prosperity at that time only developed rapidly in Spain at that time under the leadership of the Muslims.

In this modern era, where when the west is busy creating sophisticated toilets, but the concept of sitting or toilet urinating for men to urinate standing, it still contradicts the health where Muslims teach to urinate large and small in a squat position.

This involves the health of where defecation sitting and urinating standing is unhealthy because unclean contained in the sewer, does not really come out all of them. And Islam teaches these things over 1400 years ago through the illiterate Prophet Muhammad...

Only people who think are able to digest this writing. The rest is the choice of each...

Sources of various credible historical readings.

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