Difference Between Kleptomania and Stealing

In some news media around the world we often hear someone caught stealing in a supermarket or mini market. After being caught, the market manager con…

To be Mentally Strong in Facing Criticism from Others

“Receiving criticism from other people is not easy, especially if the criticism is conveyed improperly. However, there are ways to deal with criticis…

Benefits of Reading Books for Mental Health, Overcome Stress to Anxiety Disorders

Advances in technology today make books no longer as popular or hunted as they used to be. People are now starting to switch to digital reading. Even…

Interesting Findings in the Scope of Social Psychology

Social psychology is an interesting topic that has resulted in various research findings on how people behave in groups. In many cases, the results …

What is Psychology? Understand the Definition, Types, and Purpose

What is psychology? Psychology is a discipline that studies more deeply about the mind, mental and human behavior. This science will examine the flow…
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