Difference Between Kleptomania and Stealing

In some news media around the world we often hear someone caught stealing in a supermarket or mini market. After being caught, the market manager con…

American Tourist Raped in Public Toilet, Heart of Paris Tourism Unsafe?

An American tourist is raped in a public toilet in central Paris, France. The 27-year-old woman was out with her partner on Saturday evening, August …

Crema Finance DeFi Platform Hacked, Touch Loss $8.7 Million USD

Crypto Hacker Illustration | Pic by Coingape Solana-based liquidity protocol Crema Finance lost more than USD 8.78 million in cryptocurrency stolen f…

North Korean Hackers Hack Crypto Worth 93 Million USD

Illustration Nort Korean Hacker | Pic by North Korean hackers are strongly suspected of being behind the cyberattack that stole USD 100 mi…

Hacker Claims to Steal Data of 1 Billion Chinese Citizens

Hacker Cyber Attck Ilutration | Pic by Freepik Recently, a hacker group or person claimed to have stolen data containing information about 1 billion …
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