To be Mentally Strong in Facing Criticism from Others

Receiving criticism from other people is not easy, especially if the criticism is conveyed improperly. However, there are ways to deal with criticism.
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To be Mentally Strong in Facing Criticism from Others

“Receiving criticism from other people is not easy, especially if the criticism is conveyed improperly. However, there are ways to deal with criticism so that you can respond positively to it, and maintain mental health.”

Getting criticism from other people is not good. Although there are some constructive criticisms, but accepting comments from others about our weaknesses is not easy. Moreover, criticism that is clearly rude and tends to insult.

However, criticism is a part of life that sometimes we can't avoid. So, in order to maintain mental health, let's see tips for dealing with criticism from others here.

Tips for Dealing with Criticism from Others

Here are some tips to be strong in dealing with criticism from others:

1. Resist the Temptation to Respond to Criticism

When someone else criticizes you, it's natural to feel like you're being attacked, so you're tempted to strike back at that person. However, responding to criticism by criticizing it back will only make you feel like a child, and reinforce the notion that the criticism is rightfully yours. So, resist the temptation to retaliate against criticism, because doing so could exacerbate the conflict.

2. Don't Respond To Criticism Too Sensitively

When we get criticism from others, sometimes we project our insecurities into the criticism, so we respond too sensitively. Simply put, we perceive or interpret criticism from other people much more negatively than the person's actual intentions, because we have insecurity or insecurity.

For example, you are not comfortable with your current house which is too small. Then, when a friend comes to visit your house, they accidentally say "well, it's good, the distance from the room to the toilet is close." Suddenly you think of his words as negative satire. Even if you don't involve your insecurities, those comments will probably pass soon.

So is criticism. A coworker may give you criticism that is in your best interest. However, because his words offend your insecure side, you respond to the criticism too sensitively and can't see the positive side at all. So, try to put your insecurities aside, and examine other people's criticism objectively.

3. Try to Understand the Critic

However, it is not impossible that the opposite is the case, that is, it is not you who have insecurities, but the critic himself. For some people, criticizing others is the only way they feel good about themselves.

Feeling threatened by your strengths and happiness, they try to bring you down by constantly pointing out your flaws. This kind of criticism can be difficult to accept, because the comments are intended to attack your insecurities.

However, by understanding that the person's pleasure in criticizing stems from their weakness, you can protect not only your heart and your dignity. You can also help the person to overcome their insecurities.

Without meeting the person's need to feel superior, try offering a word or two of wisdom that can help ease his or her anxiety.

4. Think about the Truth of the Critic

The next tip for dealing with criticism from others is to think about what if the criticism is true and there is something you can get from it to improve yourself. Indeed, some people convey criticism in the wrong and inappropriate way.

However, once you have managed to control your feelings, try to consider the truth of the criticism. Instead of reacting with anger, you might be able to thank the person for the benefit of the criticism they have conveyed.

5. Make a Resolution

Once you are able to accept and understand the criticism, and judge that the criticism is genuine and constructive, try to come up with a resolution to make changes or work around the problem.

On the other hand, if you find the criticism inappropriate and damaging, end the conversation politely. You may also want to talk to other people, to express your feelings and share your thoughts with them.

Well, that's tips for dealing with criticism from others so that mental health is maintained. Don't forget to also take care of your physical health by meeting your daily nutritional needs.

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