Comparison of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro, Need an Upgrade?

Apple a few days ago released the iPhone 14 series, including the iPhone 14 Pro. Among the four devices released, the iPhone 14 Pro series is consid…

Reasons Passengers Must Set Phone to Airplane Mode

Over the past few years, a number of experts have claimed that cell phone signals no longer interfere with signals on planes. But an aviation expert …

The Cause of Internet Addiction in Children May Be Because of Their Parents

For most parents, sometimes we feel annoyed when we see children who are constantly surfing the internet with their gadgets. Especially with the hour…

How to Apply for Refunds for Purchases on Google Play

As a store that provides various applications and content, the Google Play Store also provides an opportunity for consumers to request a refund or re…

Apple's Latest Chip Only for iPhone 14 Pro Version

iPhone 14 Series | Pic by Pikiran Rakyat A report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the new A16 chip from Apple may be kept exclusively for th…

Asus ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro announced, the price?

Asus ROG 6 looks | Pic by Ts Designer As promised, Asus announced the presence of the ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro at an online event. This time, …

Mobile Phones That Will Be Popular 2021

Smartphones continue to change from year to year. Every smartphone company is competing to provide the latest features that will be of interest to us…
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