Before Children Are Allowed to Drink Coffee, Know the Dosage and Its Impact

Coffee contains caffeine which is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance. A 2017 report showed that 13 to 18-year-olds experienced the greatest…

Psychological Impact of Prank Content on Children, The Effects Can Be Long-Term

Prank Content is increasingly circulating on social media. The victims are not only adults, but also children. With the ability to attract viewers be…

The Cause of Internet Addiction in Children May Be Because of Their Parents

For most parents, sometimes we feel annoyed when we see children who are constantly surfing the internet with their gadgets. Especially with the hour…

7 Tactics to Overcome Children with Difficulty Eating Fruits and Vegetables

It is difficult for children to eat vegetables and fruit, which is a big dilemma for parents because children need a lot of fiber to accelerate their…

Fever Seizures in Children and How to Overcome It

Panic and worry are certainly felt by parents when their child has a febrile seizure. This condition, which is often considered epilepsy, is actually…
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