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Mobile Phones That Will Be Popular 2021

Smartphones continue to change from year to year. Every smartphone company is competing to provide the latest features that will be of interest to users.

Mobile Phones That Will Be Popular 2021

For this year, there are at least some mobile phone features that customers will love, starting with camera capabilities, battery capacity, networks and others.

The following are smartphones that will be popular in 2021 based on the information we collect:

Folding cell phone

In 2020, foldable phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Motorola Razr are proving that manufacturers can create folded screens without cracking or peeling off when used for a long time.

But cellphones are still very expensive, reaching Rp. 20 million per unit. In 2021, Samsung is hinting that its folding phones will be sold more affordable for everyone to have.

Some reviewers say the Z Fold2 is the best phone of the year even though it is too expensive for most people.

As well as being folded, rumors have it that LG will introduce a phone with a thin rollable screen in the first half of 2021. So far, LG is known to already have a TV with a rollable screen.

Camera zoom in

Smartphones with high-power zoom lenses are predicted to be popular in 2021. Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra started a trick of attaching a longer lens to a thinner phone by placing it sideways and using a mirror to capture the image, otherwise known as periscope style.

Apple is also rumored to be studying periscope technology for future iPhones, possibly on iPhones that launch in late 2021.

5G network

Some predict that 5G will become increasingly popular in 2021. Apple and Samsung are reportedly developing a 5G-compatible device.

Last year, 5G was still not very far from 4G. This is due to the pandemic slowing down some network improvements and some operators still needing additional wave licenses to create sufficient capacity to provide 5G.

This year, it is predicted that 5G can reach speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second.

Dolby Vision video recording

Launching Gadgets Now, just like Apple, the Android manufacturer is predicted to start implementing Dolby Vision HDR video recording support to their smartphones in 2021.

Under-screen selfie camera and fast charger

Under-screen selfie cameras in smartphones may become more common in 2021. ZTE has launched the Axon 20 5G with an under-display selfie camera. Samsung and Google are also said to be working to bring this technology to their smartphones.

Better and faster charging support, both wired and wireless are expected to arrive in 2021.

108MP sensor and more refresh 144Hz

The 108MP camera sensor will be in high-end Android smartphones in 2020. This includes Samsung and Xiaomi. In 2021, the manufacturer is predicted to replace the 64MP camera sensor with 108MP in premium mid-range smartphones.

Additionally, 144Hz refresh rates will likely become more common this year. 90Hz screens arrived on smartphones nearly two years ago. In 2019, the screen got 120Hz and this year 144Hz, reported pocket-lint.

Larger battery capacity

Several companies have made an increase in battery capacity in 2020. Most Android smartphones launched in 2021 will have a battery capacity of 4000 mAh. Samsung launched a phone with a 6,000 mAh battery. That trend will probably continue.


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