How to Rejuvenate Skin to Look Younger

There are various ways to rejuvenate your skin that you can do to make your skin look younger, namely by protecting your skin from sun exposure, con..
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How to Rejuvenate Skin to Look Younger

Wrinkles will appear naturally as the aging process. However, there are various ways to rejuvenate your skin that you can do to make your skin look younger, namely by protecting your skin from sun exposure, consuming plenty of fluids, and quitting smoking.

As we age, the collagen and elastin that provide elasticity and firmness to the skin decreases. The skin becomes thinner and feels drier. This can trigger the formation of wrinkles.

Apart from exposure to sunlight, wrinkles can also be caused by smoking and drinking less fluids. This is because drinking enough water will keep the skin hydrated so it looks youthful.

How to Rejuvenate Skin

As explained above, not only causing wrinkles, living an unhealthy lifestyle and being exposed to the sun or pollution every day can trigger premature aging.

So that wrinkles do not appear prematurely and the skin looks younger, there are several ways to rejuvenate the skin that you can do, namely:

1. Meet fluid needs

People who have dry skin tend to be more prone to wrinkles, especially if the daily fluid needs are not met so that the skin becomes drier. Therefore, it is important to have adequate fluid intake every day.

Everyone's fluid needs are different, depending on their health conditions and the activities they do every day. Generally, adults are advised to consume 2 liters of mineral water per day, or 8 glasses of 230 milliliters.

In meeting the needs of fluids as a way to rejuvenate the skin, make sure you choose mineral water that comes directly from springs and is processed hygienically, so that its benefits and purity are maintained and protected.

In addition to drinking mineral water, fluid intake can also be obtained by eating foods that contain lots of water.

2. Eat a balanced nutritious diet

The next way to rejuvenate the skin is to eat a balanced nutritious diet. Research shows that consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables and limiting foods or drinks that contain sugar are beneficial for preventing premature aging.

3. Exercise regularly

Research shows that regular exercise 3 times a week for 45 minutes is beneficial for slowing signs of aging on the skin, such as wrinkles. When you exercise, your immune system and blood circulation will increase so your skin can look fresher and younger.

Cardio exercise, such as running, cycling, swimming, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), is a type of exercise that can be an option for rejuvenating the skin.

4. Use sunscreen

Excess sun exposure can make the skin wrinkled. This happens because the sun's UV rays will break down collagen fibers and make elastin production abnormal.

Therefore, it is important to apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more every time you go outside during the day.

5. Quit smoking
Smoking can damage the collagen and elastin in the skin. In addition, the nicotine content in cigarettes can also cause constriction of blood vessels. This prevents the skin from getting enough oxygen and nutrients needed for skin rejuvenation.

Not only the content in cigarettes that causes premature aging, the pursed lips movement when smoking can also cause wrinkles around the mouth.

Therefore, as a way of rejuvenating the skin, it is highly recommended to stop smoking.

6. Using serum

You can also use a serum as a way of rejuvenating the skin, which is a serum specially formulated to prevent wrinkles. This type of serum usually contains retinol, vitamin C, or hyaluronic acid.

In addition, how to rejuvenate the skin can also be done by avoiding excessive facial expressions. When the face is expressed, such as smiling or laughing, the muscles will contract. Contractions of the same muscles over the years can permanently form wrinkles.

Tips for Maintaining Skin Health

How to rejuvenate the skin above can indeed be applied to make you look younger. However, don't forget to keep your skin healthy, because healthy skin will look fresher and more beautiful. Here are some tips for maintaining healthy skin:
  1. Clean the skin 2 times a day or after sweating.
  2. Use a mild, alcohol-free soap and scrub to avoid irritating the skin.
  3. Dry your skin with a clean towel after every shower or wash your face.
  4. Use a moisturizer that suits your skin type 2 times a day, so your skin doesn't dry out.
  5. Limit alcoholic beverages as they can dehydrate the skin.
  6. Meet the body's fluid needs by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day.
Water plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin because it can prevent dry skin and improve skin barrier function. Skin that is hydrated from the inside due to drinking enough water will also look fresher and not dull.

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate your skin because you can carry bottled mineral water with you everywhere. So, there is no reason not to drink water to get healthy skin and avoid wrinkles and other signs of aging.

If the various ways of rejuvenating the skin above have not been able to reduce the signs of aging on the skin, consult a doctor to get the right treatment. Your doctor can recommend procedures or skin care products that suit your needs and skin condition.

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