The Most Beautiful & Exotic Tourist Places in India, Full of History

Talking about India, it seems endless. India is one of the countries in South Asia that has exotic culture and nature. The culture of this country wi…

Travel Agency: Types, Functions, and Benefits You Need to Know

Travel agency is a practical vacation solution. Vacationing or traveling is one of the favorite activities to spend free time on holidays. Many peopl…

The World's First Artwork Was Born in Sulawesi, Not Europe

This 40,000-year-old handprint image on the wall of a cave in Maros, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, proves that Indonesia was the cradle of the world'…

April Fools: Spanish Muslim Massacre on April 1

The April Fool's Day celebration, which always ends with joy and satisfaction, actually started from a big tragedy that was very sad and heartbre…

Who is the child that Abraham sacrificed? Ishmael or Isaac?

Ismail as was the first son of Prophet Ibrahim as with Hajar, Ishaq as was the second son of Ibrahim as with Sarah. Sarah was Ibrahim's first wif…

The story of the death of Mu'adz bin Jabal, the lamp of Islam

Mu'adz bin Jabal passed away at the age of 33 (photo illustration) Mu'adz bin Jabal was one of the leading companions of the Prophet Muhammad…
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