April Fools: Spanish Muslim Massacre on April 1

April Fool's Day or "The April Fool's Day" begins with an episode of Muslim Spanish history in 1487.
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April Fools: Meaning the Spanish Muslim Massacre on April 1

The April Fool's Day celebration, which always ends with joy and satisfaction, actually started from a big tragedy that was very sad and heartbreaking.

April Fool's Day or "The April Fool's Day" begins with an episode of the history of Muslim Spain in 1487 or coincides with 892 H. Before we get to the tragedy, it's good to look at the history of Spain when it was still under Islamic rule.

Since Islam was liberated in the 8th century AD by Panglima Tariq bin Ziyad, Spain has gradually grown into a prosperous country. The Islamic troops did not just stop in Spain, but continued to liberate the surrounding countries towards France. The South of France could easily be liberated. The cities of Carcassone, Nimes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Poitou, Tours and so on fell.

Although very strong, the Islamic forces still tolerated the Goths and Navaro in the mountainous west.

Islam has illuminated Spain. Because the attitude of the Islamic rulers was so kind and humble, many Spaniards then sincerely and sincerely embraced Islam.

Spanish Muslims are not only Muslim, but they really practice Islamic life. They not only read the Qur'an, but also behave according to the Qur'an. They always say "no" to music, beer, promiscuity, and everything that Islam forbids. Such a state of tranquility, lasted almost six centuries.

History of "april fools"

During those six centuries, the infidels who were still around Spain tirelessly continued to try to purge Islam from Spain, but always failed.

A number of spies were sent to study the weaknesses of the Muslims in Spain. Finally, the spies found a way to conquer Islam in Spain, which was to first weaken their faith by way of thinking and cultural attacks.

So they started secretly sending alcohol and cigarettes for free into Spain. Music was played to persuade the young people to prefer singing and dancing to reading the Qur'an.

They also sent a number of false clerics whose work was to stir up divisions within the Spanish Muslim community. Over time, these efforts paid off. Finally, Spain fell and was overrun by the Crusaders.

The attacks by the Crusaders were truly cruel without knowing humanity. Not only Islamic troops were massacred, but also civilians, women, small children, the elderly, all of them were brutally killed.

One by one the regions of Spain fell. Granada was the last area to be conquered. The Muslim inhabitants of Spain (also called the Moors) were forced to take refuge in their homes to save themselves. The Christian soldiers continued to chase them.

When the streets were deserted, leaving only the thousands of corpses lying drenched in pools of blood, the Crusaders learned that many Granada Muslims were still hiding in their homes. The Crusaders loudly shouted the announcement that the Muslims of Granada could safely leave their homes and be allowed to sail out of Spain with the things they needed.

“We have prepared the ships that will take you out of Spain at the port. We guarantee your safety if you want to get out of Spain, after this we no longer provide guarantees!” Thus persuaded the Crusaders.

Muslims are still suspicious of this offer. Some of the Muslims are allowed to see for themselves the passenger ships that have been prepared at the port. After actually seeing that there were ships that had been prepared, they immediately prepared to leave Granada together for the ships. They were ready to set sail.

The next day, thousands of Muslim residents of Granada came out of their homes, carrying all their necessities along the road to the port. Some Muslims who did not believe in the Crusaders persisted and continued to hide in their homes.

After thousands of Spanish Muslims gathered in the harbor, the Crusaders quickly searched the houses that had been abandoned. Tongue of fire was seen licking the sky when the Crusaders burned the houses with the Muslims who still survived in them.

Meanwhile, thousands of Muslims who were stuck in the harbor could only be stunned, when the Crusaders also set fire to the ships that were said to be transporting them out of Spain. The ships quickly sank.

Thousands of Muslims could not do anything because they were completely unarmed. They also consist mostly of women and their small children. Meanwhile, the Crusaders had surrounded them with drawn swords.

With one shout from their leader, the thousands of Crusaders immediately massacred and killed the Spanish Muslims without feeling any mercy. Screams and takbir boomed. The Crusaders savagely continued to kill civilians who were completely defenseless.

April Fools: Meaning the Spanish Muslim Massacre on April 1

All the Spanish Muslims in the port were brutally murdered. Blood pooled everywhere. The blue sea had turned blackish red. This tragedy coincided with April 1st. This is what the Christian world then commemorates every April 1 as April Fool's Day (The April Fool's Day).

For Muslims, April Fool's Day is certainly a very sad tragedy. The day when thousands of brethren in the faith were "slaughtered" and massacred by the Crusaders in Granada, Spain. Therefore, it is very inappropriate if there are Muslims who join in celebrating this tradition.

Because, by participating in celebrating April Fool's Day, the Muslims actually rejoiced and laughed at the tragedy. Whoever is a Muslim who celebrates April Fool's Day, then he is actually celebrating the anniversary of the mass murder of thousands of his brothers and sisters in Granada, Spain, several centuries ago.

"Indeed, the disbeliever is plotting an evil deception in truth." [Quran Surah Ath Thaariq 86:15]

"And I also made a plan (too) with truth." [Quran Surah Ath Thaariq 86:16]

"Therefore give respite to the disbelievers, that is, give them a brief respite." [Quran Surah Ath Thaariq 86:17]

April Fool's Day, the day when it's okay to cheat on others

April Fools' Day is a day when "they" can trick others as a joke. Brothers, every time before April 1st, usually many of us will be so busy and carried away with Western culture.

Many are getting ready to celebrate it by making grand plans to deceive other people/friends/closest relatives.

O Muslims, be careful of this culture. Avoid doing wrongdoing, especially since April Fool's Day is not an Islamic culture.

But do you know how many of us don't know the harsh historical reality that befell Spanish Muslims in the wake of April Fool's Day celebrations? The tragedy of the massacre of Muslims in Spain.

"The Jews and the Christians will not be pleased with you until you follow their religion. Say: 'Indeed, Allah's guidance is the (true) guidance.' and your helper." (Surat al-Baqarah 2: 120)

In a narration it is stated that the Jews of Medina and the Nashara Najran hoped that the Prophet (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) would pray facing their Qiblah. When Allah Subhanahu wata'ala turned the Qibla to the Kaaba, they objected.

They conspired and tried to get the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to agree on the Qibla according to their religion. So the verse above was revealed (Q.S. 2: 120) which explains that the Jews and the Nashara people will not be happy with the Prophet Muhammad, even though his wish is granted. (Narrated by Tha'labi from Ibn Abbas)

As has been said by Allah Subhanahu wata'ala, throughout the ages, their desire will never be lost by the enemies of Islam to always destroy Islam and extinguish the light of Allah Subhanahu wata'ala.

They will do various ways, including the history of the massacre of Spanish Muslims on April 1, which developed into an April Fool's Day celebration.

Sadly, ignorant Muslims also commemorate April Fool's Day. Without realizing it, they are actually celebrating the anniversary of the mass murder of their own Muslim brother.

O Muslims, be careful of this culture. Avoid ourselves from doing wrong. Remind our Muslim brothers and sisters. Remember, April 1 is the day of the massacre of the Spanish Muslims. And most importantly, in the Qur'an and Hadith there is no commandment where it is permissible to deceive others as a joke.

May Allah always open the door of repentance for us. Amen..

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