Why are new young teeth growing in adulthood?

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Wisdom teeth
Wisdom teeth

If you are currently complaining of pain in the back of the jaw, it could be that your wisdom teeth are growing. Wisdom teeth are the third molars or the last molars that grow in their teens or in their early twenties.

The growth of wisdom teeth often causes problems, one of which is tremendous pain. This symptom usually occurs when there is no more space left on the gum that can be occupied by wisdom teeth. Then, why is wisdom teeth growing in adulthood?

The cause of wisdom teeth grows in adulthood

Wisdom teeth or third molar teeth usually grow in the age range of 17-24 years. If this tooth grows oblique, symptoms of swelling, pain, or even fever appear. Especially if this tooth pierces the gums, it feels very painful.

Wisdom teeth will grow in four parts of the jaw, namely the upper right back, upper left back, right lower back, and lower left rear.

There is no way to prevent this wisdom tooth from growing sloping. This tooth growth is natural and depends on the seeds of the teeth. If the seeds are good, the teeth will grow straight. So when this tooth grows it has the potential to be very large for pain.

Your first wisdom tooth will usually appear when you are 6 years old, while the second wisdom tooth appears when you are 12 years old. Your last molar tooth or commonly called wisdom tooth actually grows when you are around 10 years old.

However, these teeth cannot appear like other molars because they have different growths than others, this is caused by insufficient space in your jaw.

There is no more space left on the gum that can be occupied by wisdom teeth which causes new wisdom teeth to appear (in some people) in the age range of 17 to 25 years, although many possibilities do not appear at the age of 25 years.

Because of the different forms of human jaws, this is what causes everyone's growth in wisdom teeth. This wisdom tooth is often blocked by other molars that have appeared if your jaw does not have enough space for wisdom teeth.

How to deal with wisdom teeth that grow sick?

Pain due to wisdom can be overcome by taking analgesics or pain relief. Commonly used is mefenamic acid or mefinal. In addition to the effects of pain, the wisdom teeth that grow sloping can affect other teeth that grow first.

If this wisdom tooth grows sloping and is dangerous for other teeth or even gums, it must be revoked. This tooth extraction is commonly called odontectomy surgery and must be treated by an oral surgeon. Previously you will do a panoramic dental x-ray to see the tilt of the tooth.

Not everyone will experience the growth of this wisdom tooth. Pain due to growing wisdom teeth not only when growing. Even in the age range of 40 years a person can experience pain due to this wisdom tooth.

And if this wisdom tooth appears in a pregnant woman, it should not be revoked. The safest is given the right type and dose of analgesics for pregnant women.

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