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NOSO (NOS) New Cryptocurrency!

This is an unofficial blog to explain about a cryptocurrency called NOSO or with the crypto code abbreviated as NOS.

So much we see different types of cryptocurrencies emerging. Most of them collapsed and were unable to compete with others.

However, unlike NOSO, this currency is completely new and is very well developed by a very enthusiastic developer who works day and night to keep NOSO getting better.

How did the story start...?

According to the developer through his blog nicknamed "Kreditzcoin" on the Bitcointalk site, they have started to create a new cryptocurrency project more than two years ago. But for personal reasons, they canceled it and returned all investors' funds.

Until December 20, this project was revived with another name but still by the same developer and equipped with new features.

About Noso

According to literacy on the developer blog here, they are a small group of software builders who have developed completely new cryptocurrencies from scratch, including the new protocol itself. It started out as a learning project and has become a very (and good) complex piece of software.

They were still in beta testing at the time, so they decided to post on Bitcointalk asking for ideas to improve (or even change if they thought it was feasible) for the project.

"This project is fully functional and has been tested many times; we will launch the testnet in a few days and then the mainnet 2 weeks later. We developed the working protocol first (command line input) and now we add basic visual components while we fix and fix it. ".

NOSO Characteristic

The characteristics of this Coin are completely new and not adapted from other coins, forked shards of other coins or other types of tokens. No this is really a new cryptocurrency with new capabilities but is very light and does not burden computers from wallets to mining. Here are the characteristics that you can observe:
  • Totally new. Not a copy, not a token, not a fork.
  • Open source.
  • 100 % PoW (SHA256 multi-step hash function)
  • Miner included in the wallet.
  • Stand alone miner already developed.
  • Pool support included in the wallet: you can create and manage your own mining pool from your wallet.
  • ECDSA secp256k1 signatures.
  • 10 minutes blocks. Difficult readjusted after every block.
  • Fixed transfers fee (0.01 %) for ever.
  • Halving every 4 years.
  • Limited coin supply: 21.000.000 Noso will be mined in ~40 years.
  • No need to donwload the complete blockchain to fully use the wallet.
  • 8 decimals currency.
  • Customized addresses.
  • Windows wallet available (runs perfect in Lynux with Wine)
  • Minimal resource use: less than 5 MB RAM usage.
  • Extremely user friendly.
  • Auto update for new releases.
  • Built-in exchange.
  • Built-in multilanguage support.

A few screenshots

As you can see in the screenshot, the wallet software looks simple but is very light. as well as the mining tool.

Noso Wallet Version 0.2.0K
Noso Wallet Version 0.2.0K

You can even build your own pool only through the menu on the wallet and can mine alone or with your community colleagues!

Noso Miner Version 1.64
Noso Miner Version 1.64

NOSO Official Link

NOSO Official Links For further information, you can directly visit some of the NOSO (NOS) social media pages as the official address and contact the Developer and the Team.
If you are interested and want Support Dev Team, please donate here .
  • BTC: 3H1VzdL3QFQpc62DUhbtCFV5dG4K1yPwVB
  • LTC: LUUWwzfeQtJ4dc8A5xJVz3Zacray55f1WH
  • Paypal:
  • NosoCoin:  devteam_donations


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