Countries with the Best Food in the World

A country that has a variety of culinary cultures that spoil your tongue, you must make it your next tourist destination.
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Countries with the Best Food in the World

After examining the culinary variety by being exposed to a wide spectrum ranging from the Far East, Central Asia, Europe, and America, we found some of the countries with the best food in the world.

A country that has a variety of culinary cultures that spoil your tongue, you must make it your next tourist destination.

So, is Indonesia included as one of the countries with the best culinary in the world according to

To find out the answer, just look at the complete information below, come on.

1. China

When you think of Chinese cuisine, what comes to mind is probably rice and noodles. But apart from these two foods, this country is famous for all kinds of meat dishes.

Peking Duck

Apart from these dishes, China is a great place to try fruits & vegetables like Pomelo (citrus fruit), bitter cucumber, tree mushrooms, and dozens of weed-like plants that you may not have heard of.

Some of the famous Chinese dishes are sweet and sour pork, Peking duck, gong bao chicken, mapo tofu, wontons, and dumplings.

Not surprisingly, Chinese restaurants are quite easy to find in various parts of the world.

2. India

Through a history of 8,000 years, Indian cuisine is perhaps one of the most deliciously cooked countries in the world.

banjari gosht

Since many Indians are Hindus and consider cows sacred, less beef is consumed in the country.

With the rich use of spices, the taste of Indian cuisine generally suits Asian palates.

Indian foods that you must try include biryani rice, bhapa aloo, to banjari gosht.

3. Italy

When it comes to Italy, the first thing that comes to people's minds is pizza, pasta and ice cream.

ossobuco alla Milanese

In fact, there are still other delicious Italian foods that you should try at least once in your life such as lasagna, ossobuco alla Milanese, panzanella salad, and focaccia.

4. Mexico

Mexico is known as the place of the most bitter spices in the world. Some Mexican dishes that can be found in Indonesia, for example, such as tacos, burritos, and tortillas.


If one day you travel to Mexico, you must try the dishes made by the natives there, yes!

5. Korean

Intensely promoting it through dramas, Korea is always mentioned for its unique cuisine when talking about world cuisine.

In fact, the three most important ingredients of Korean cuisine are rice, vegetables, and meat. You can find the same food in different regions of the country with different recipes.


Some Korean foods that are well known and certainly not foreign to the world community are kimchi, bibimbap, bulgogi, to tteokpokki.

So, those are the countries with the best food in the world that can become culinary paradise tourist destinations. Is there your country there? Please comment below.

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