How to Get Sharp Photos

Sharpness in a photo is one of the most important aspects of photography. However, this is a problem that is often encountered by novice photographers
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How to Get Sharp Photos
Photo by Sauran Sinha

Sharpness in a photo is one of the most important aspects of photography. However, this is a problem that is often encountered by novice photographers.

Usually photos that are not sharp can be caused by several factors, among which are shakes and a lack of information about camera settings that make them not fit.

Actually, there are some tricks that beginners can learn to get sharper or less blurry photos.

In photography, it is known as 'tack sharp', which is a photo that shows the main object in focus, in more detail or can be said to look sharp.

In detail, here are some tips and tricks you can do to get sharper and clearer photos, as summarized from the Shutterbug and B&H pages:

Use Low Aperture

It's good when you want sharper photos, you can use an aperture or low aperture between F/8, F/11, or F/16.

Because, if the aperture is very wide open, it can allow light to enter from all directions into the lens. So that the lighting becomes irregular and makes the lens difficult to focus.

Of course, this aperture must also be adjusted to other settings such as ISO and shutter speed so that the resulting composition can be better.

In addition, the use of this aperture can also affect the depth of field (bokeh), the focal range of the photo that will be shot by the camera lens.

Set Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is a feature that regulates the opening time for light to enter the lens. The shorter the time the shutter is open, the less movement can occur during shooting.

This is what makes it an option to get a more focused image. But unfortunately, the weakness of the shutter speed that is so fast also makes the lack of light in the resulting image.

So a higher ISO setting or a wider aperture is needed. Therefore, these three aspects become very important to determine the focus on the resulting image.


Setting the ISO becomes very important in photography. Because, with this setting can make an image very bright or vice versa.

Using a high ISO to adjust the shutter speed so that there is not a lot of movement may be the right choice. But keep in mind, the higher the ISO, the more noise will appear in the image.

So, as much as possible not to use an ISO that is too high. Make sure you get the right settings before shooting.

Apply Single Point Auto Focus

Single point auto focus is a setting mode to focus on only one point, which can allow the image to focus on only one object.

This mode can be an option for beginners before trying manual focus modes commonly used by professional photographers in general.

Avoid Using Lens Filters

Filters have many uses in photography but not for enhancing image sharpness.

The more glass or plastic elements that light has to pass through, the more light degrades. So that it can reduce the focus on the object to be photographed later.


This tool can be used to reduce the shock or movement that occurs due to the hand. It's not practical if you have to carry it everywhere, but this can be the right choice for those who often experience shaking when shooting.

With the additional use of a release cable, it can also allow you not to touch the camera even when you are using a tripod.

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