How to Deal with Licking Coworkers

Dealing with co-workers or employees who like to make faces is certainly annoying, right? Because people like that tend to be annoying.
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How to Deal with Licking Coworkers

Dealing with co-workers or employees who like to make faces is certainly annoying, right? Because people like that tend to be annoying. He likes to badmouth other people, sometimes becomes a sycophant, and even always excels in front of his superiors.

In essence, whatever he does is just for imaging. He does everything for the sole purpose of getting praise. It doesn't matter if his actions hurt other people.

Well, if you have colleagues who are like that, don't be in a hurry to get frustrated. It's better to learn these tips for dealing with coworkers who like to look for the following.

1. Don't Get Too Approached

If you don't want to be offended or upset, it's best not to approach coworkers who like to make faces. That is, you don't try to make him a friend or friend, just be a work partner.

As much as possible avoid dealing with him. But that doesn't mean you have to hate it, right!

If he hasn't done anything wrong with you, then you should be fine with him too. Just act accordingly. There's no need to avoid or talk about it. Just don't get too involved in his life.

2. Ignore, Don't Respond to His Excessive Attitude

Dealing with coworkers who like to look for faces, it's better to just ignore them. For example, when he asks you to talk about someone else, whether it's his partner or boss, you shouldn't overreact. Just shut up. Don't get involved in his bad thoughts.

You also have to be careful, because people who like to look for faces are usually not trustworthy. In front of you, he talks bad about other people. But behind your back, he badmouths you.

So, the best attitude to respond to people like that is to ignore them. Not too difficult, right?

3. Show You Can Work Professionally

Instead of you busy taking care of the lives of your co-workers who like to look for faces, you better focus on yourself.

Work as much as possible. If you need to be successful. Show him that you can be a quality employee professionally, without fawning over your boss or looking here and there.

At least that way you can set a good example. Make him aware that everything needs to be achieved by hard work not by imaging.

But if after all, he is not sensitive and does not realize, he still likes to look for faces, so let it be. Maybe that's the character. The important thing is, you don't copy it, okay!

4. Don't be easily fooled by his sweet attitude

Two-faced people usually have a fickle attitude. Sometimes it sucks, uh suddenly so sweet.

Well, when you face a coworker like that, don't be fooled. You have to be observant and alert. Even if he looks very good, it's best not to immediately judge that he has changed.

Especially to the point of deciding to be friends with him. No, don't be in a hurry, okay! You don't know what goes on behind. He could be talking bad about you, you know! So first consider your attitude before deciding to be friends with him.

5. No Need for Emotions, Be Elegant

The next tip for dealing with coworkers who like to look for faces is to control emotions. Do not be easily provoked by his annoying attitude.

If he vilifies you, then deal with it in a relaxed and elegant manner. You don't need to clarify what he's saying in a rage, or try to explain to everyone that it's not true.

Just prove by action that you are not what he says you are. Simple, right?

6. Stay Confident

You don't have to be insecure to deal with licking coworkers. Even if his position seems superior to yours, so be it. Don't be jealous of him or anyone.

Even if he's always being praised by your boss, trusted to carry out big projects, or even being promoted, you don't have to feel defeated. However, stay confident.

You work based on ability. No need to bother looking here and there. Actually that is already a plus point! Proving that you have potential, not just imaging.

7. No need to be hostile

Dealing with co-workers who like to look for faces is not by being hostile to them. Trust me, it won't change things. On the contrary, it will make you lose.

Because lickers are usually good at bragging. If the licker finds out that you did bad to him, he will surely corner you even more in front of a lot of people.

He may twist the facts, giving the impression that you are the one who is not good and he is just a victim. Thus, everyone will side with him. Horrible, right? Therefore, avoid looking for business with sycophants.

Especially to show your dislike openly. That's not necessary. No need to look for enemies! Better to be normal. That way you can work comfortably.

8. Expand the Scope of Your Association in the Office

To deal with a sycophant, actually can not if you rely on yourself. You need support.

Well, to get support, you need to increase the social circle in the office. Try not to be a loner. Socializing is good because it supports your career. In addition to making you have many friends, it can also help you expand your networking network.

Even if you become a victim of the sycophant, for example, if you are vilified, you don't need to be too confused. Because you have a lot of friends, they certainly won't believe what the sycophant just said. Because they already know you.

9. Don't ever confide in him

Don't even think about talking to people who like to look for faces. That's very dangerous! Because people who like to look for faces usually tend to be two-faced.

On the front is good, on the back you don't know! So in order to avoid things that are not desirable, you should not confide in him. You only need to talk to him about work.

10. If the action is outrageous, you need to take a firm stand

If your coworker's actions have gone too far, for example, he is bullying and using you as a stepping stone to his own success, then you must immediately take decisive steps.

Don't want to be used all the time. You are tired, he is
the one who gets praise from the boss. Duh, annoyed right? If so, you need to rebuke him directly. No need to be shy or afraid.

Even if he ignores your warning, then just report him to your boss. Such a person cannot be left alone. If you just keep quiet, then he will bully you even more.

11. Be patient

Dealing with coworkers who like to look for faces also requires patience. Yes, how can you not, every day you have to witness him whose actions are always visual. Little gossip, bad here and there. Eh, I know, when I met my boss, his behavior was like an angel.

That's right! Like it or not you have to be able to endure watching all that. There is no other way but to be proud.

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