Mix and Match When Wearing White Clothing

All-white clothes, from tops to bottoms, are often favored by fashion fans. Choosing the wrong material when mixing and matching can ruin your overall
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Mix and Match When Wearing White Clothing

All-white clothes, from tops to bottoms, are often favored by fashion fans. Choosing the wrong material when mixing and matching can ruin your overall appearance.

White can be said to be a neutral and timeless color. In addition, by wearing clothes that are all white, you will look much fresher. Well, to make your appearance more chic and classy, know some points when wearing white clothes!

Choose an Invisible White Dress

If you wear a white dress, make sure you don't show off your body. You can check the transparency by facing the dress towards the light and placing your hands behind the dress, then see if your hands are clearly visible from behind the fabric. Well, if your hands are visible, it means the dress you are wearing is see-through. It should be avoided!

Avoid Tight White Dresses

White is not a color that looks good if it fits too well with your curves. You can choose a dress that is a little loose, light, and floaty. White can also reflect summer, freedom, and the wind. So, make sure the dress you use describes these traits.

Use Underwear That Matches Skin

The third point, you must wear underwear that matches your skin color when wearing a white dress. By wearing underwear that matches your skin tone, it will hide your private parts without showing off your underwear.

Use Footwear That Matches White Clothing

So that your appearance is not monotonous, try wearing contrasting colored shoes. You can use beige, camel, brown, and light gray which are suitable color choices. If you want a bolder look, you can use shoes in light colors, such as yellow, red, or pink.

Use Diamond Jewelery

So that your appearance is not too lonely and looks more haute couture, you can wear diamond jewelry. Anta Diamond Pendant from #ThePalaceJeweler is a great choice to mix and match with white clothes.

This Anta Diamond Pendant from The Palace Jeweler has a chic design. With 8 round diamonds, a total carat diamond of 0.092 ct, and each diamond measuring 0.012, it can make your appearance even more shiny. This Anta series diamond pendant is a representation of jewelry from the Central Indonesia region. The three jewelry silhouettes adopted, namely Mamuli, Taka, and Marangga, have the meaning of someone's wishful thinking.

The Anta Diamond Pendant model from The Palace Jeweler looks quite simple but classy, ​​you know. Very fitting if used in formal or non-formal events. Anyway, this collection of diamond jewelry from The Palace Jeweler, which is “The Most Complete, Affordable, Ther Guaranteed” will further enhance your appearance when you wear an all-white outfit!

As a celebration and also a commemoration of the journey that The Palace Jeweler has taken so far, also the best #NationalJeweler and a pride for always putting forward diamond jewelry with a touch of culture in Indonesia, The Palace will pamper you with a special gift studded with diamonds!

Therefore, The Palace Jeweler held a very interesting promo, namely Gift with Purchase in the context of celebrating its anniversary this time. This Anta Diamond pendant became a gift in The Palace Celebration Kilau in July 2022, which is a development of the previous Anta series in the Nusantara collection. You can get the beauty of this Anta Diamond Pendant as a direct gift from purchasing The Palace Jeweler diamond jewelry, you know!

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