The Unique Fruits of Crossbreeding in the World

Botanical Technology in the world has conducted many experiments to create new types of plants and fruits by means of hybrids.
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The Unique Fruits of Crossbreeding in the World

Advances in technology and science today have made Botanical plant experts in the world have conducted many experiments to create new types of plants and fruits by means of hybrids.

But sometimes, there are also Hybrids or crosses of plants and fruits that occur naturally. So what is the shape and taste of the unique fruit of the cross?

The following is a unique fruit from crosses that exist in various countries. Among others:

1. Pineberries


This one fruit is not a strawberry that you usually find in supermarkets. Pineberry is a new invention in the world of fruits. The shape is very similar to the strawberry but what makes the difference is the color. This Pineberry has a white skin color and tastes more like a pineapple which has a sweet-sour taste.

2. Pluots


Pluots is a unique fruit resulting from a cross between a plum and an apricot. This fruit is famous for its very soft texture, has a very sweet taste, and very high vitamin C content.

In addition, Pluots fruit also contains lycopene which is an antioxidant, lutein, potassium, and anthocyanins. This fruit is also one of the fruits that do not have sodium, which is a type of substance that can increase cholesterol in the human body.

3. Cucamelons


Cucamelon is a unique fruit that is the result of a cross from a combination of 3 different types of fruit, namely watermelon, cucumber, and lime. The result, the shape is like a small watermelon with a taste of a combination of lime and cucumber.

Amazingly, Cucamelon is very easy to grow and can even be planted in pots and outdoors. In addition, this plant originating from Mexico is also resistant to pests and drought resistant.

4. Pink Pineapple

Pink Pineapple

Generally, the contents of pineapples are yellow, but now there is a type of pineapple whose contents are pink or pink, namely Pink Pineapple. But don't worry, the pink color of this pineapple is not artificial coloring.

It is known, the development of this pink pineapple takes approximately 12 years. But unfortunately, for now the Pink Pineapple fruit has not been sold freely.

5. Kiwi Berries

Kiwi Berries

Surely many people already know about the kiwi fruit, which is famous as one of the fruits that contain lots of vitamin C. The hairs on the skin of the fruit can make someone itchy.

Well, some time ago, in the United States there was a scene about the discovery of a new fruit called Kiwi Berries. Uniquely, the fruit of a cross between a kiwi fruit and a berry does not have hairs that can make itchy like kiwi fruit in general.

6. Lemato


Lemato fruit is made by researchers from Israel by genetically engineering tomatoes with lemon and rose flavors, and added lemongrass and geranium aromas. The red color in this fruit is not too thick, this happens because the lycopene content is only half that of tomatoes in general. In addition, when planted in the garden, it only requires a little pesticide and the shelf life is also longer than tomatoes in general.

7. Paradis Sprakling

Paradis Sprakling

Paradis Sparkling is the fruit of a variety between two types of apples that have a taste similar to soda. This unique fruit is the result of a cross between a Rishi Apple and an English Pirouette Apple.

This new variety of apples was invented or discovered by some fruit nursery experts in Switzerland. They managed to find a way to make this type of apple, after doing research for approximately 10 years.

8. Grapples


Grapples are the result of a cross between an apple and a grape. The shape is similar to a Fuji Apple, with a slightly yellowish red skin color.

Grapples are engineered by Todd Snyder of C&O Nursery. They managed to engineer this fruit by injecting grape flavoring into apples to get a different apple flavor.

9. Black Sapote

Black Sapote

This one fruit is not the result of genetic engineering. The sapodilla and persimmons have a dark flesh color and are similar to chocolate pudding. This Black Sapote has a taste like chocolate pudding.

10. Jerpaya


Jerpaya is one of the unique fruits native to Indonesia, which is a blend of citrus fruits and papayas. Hence the name Jerpaya. Where, the skin and its contents are like oranges, but the flesh of the fruit is like a white papaya. But it is said that this fruit that tastes like citrus can treat various diseases.

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