How to Lower Cholesterol After Eating Sacrificial Meat, Balance it with Vegetables

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Eating beef and goat dishes during Eid Al-Adha is indeed delicious. But keep in mind, meat contains fat that can increase cholesterol levels in the body. While high cholesterol levels can invite many diseases.

How to Lower Cholesterol After Eating Sacrificial Meat, Balance it with Vegetables

Usually beef or mutton obtained from the Eid Al-Adha sacrifice package is processed into a delicious dish that is burned or in a coconut milk broth. Such as satay, rendang, curry, to fried.

Processed meat that is burned and coconut milk if consumed too much can cause blood cholesterol levels to rise. To reduce it, you can follow healthy eating tips during Eid Al-Adha. Like eating processed meat in small portions to compensate by eating vegetables.

Here, we review how to lower cholesterol levels in the body after consuming sacrificial meat that has been summarized from various sources.

Characteristics of Cholesterol Rise

1. Digestive Disorder

One of the characteristics of high cholesterol in the body can cause digestive disorders. This digestive disorder is related to bile imbalance which if left unchecked will cause gallstones.

Characteristics of Cholesterol Rise

2. Pain Around the Chest and Arms

Characteristics of elevated cholesterol is pain in the chest and arms. High cholesterol levels cause pain in the chest and arms. Pain will be more pronounced if the sufferer also feels pressured or excessively stressed.

3. Headache or Dizziness

Symptoms that generally appear as signs of high cholesterol are pain in the back of the head. These headaches are very annoying and are so severe that they interfere with daily activities. This headache will improve once cholesterol levels are reduced.

4. Easily Tired

High cholesterol is also characterized by a body that easily feels tired. This feeling of fatigue arises because of the presence of blood vessels due to high cholesterol levels, which reduces blood flow to body tissues.

5. Pain in the Legs

Leg pain is also known as one of the signs of high cholesterol. This leg pain arises due to the buildup of plaque in the blood vessels in the legs. The characteristics of elevated cholesterol are often experienced by sufferers.

6. Yellow Spots Under Eyelids

Characteristics of elevated cholesterol that is very visible is xanthelasma. Xanthelasma are yellow patches under the eyelids. Sometimes a yellowish color also appears at the corners of the eyes.

7. Stiff Neck

One of the characteristics of rising cholesterol is a sore neck. This sore neck occurs due to the buildup of plaque in the blood vessels in the neck area. This buildup can block the flow of blood from the neck to the brain.

How to Lower Cholesterol After Eating Sacrificial Meat

1. A healthier way to cultivate

The first way to lower cholesterol after eating sacrificial meat is how to process it. So that cholesterol does not rise during Eid, you need to pay attention to how to process goat and beef. One of them is by not using coconut milk in the processed meat you cook.

How to Lower Cholesterol After Eating Sacrificial Meat

There are various processed beef and goat without coconut milk that you can make. Such as beef soup, beef with soy sauce, black pepper beef, and others. Goat and beef can also be used as a delicious satay. However, the process of burning it must be considered so that the satay remains healthy. Do not bake too dry or burn. Or grill on a griddle or electric grill. In addition, if you want to fry them, choose healthy oils such as olive oil to replace butter and cooking oil.

2. Choose lean meat parts

In addition to how to process it, the beef also determines the fat content. Because there are some parts of meat that are high in fat. Like the brisket or the spare ribs. Choose the beef portion or the lean inner or outer scrub. Although a little bland but the fat is almost non-existent. Processed by sautéing or steam with spices can enrich the taste.

3. Don't overeat

If you continue to process beef or mutton with fatty types of meat and coconut milk, you should not overeat. Enough consumption in moderate portions in one meal as a way to lower cholesterol after eating meat. Beef and mutton contain important nutrients such as protein, minerals, and a number of vitamins and fats. The nutrients are still needed by the body but need to be consumed in measured amounts.

How to Lower Cholesterol After Eating Sacrificial Meat

4. Balance with vegetable consumption

The next way to lower cholesterol after eating sacrificial meat is to balance the consumption of vegetables. Because the role of vegetables is very important to reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol in the digestive tract.

How to Lower Cholesterol After Eating Sacrificial Meat

For example, when processing beef soup or beef rib soup, add vegetables. Such as carrots, potatoes, beans, celery, and tomatoes. You can also add tomatoes to the mutton fried, because the lycopene content in tomatoes can lower bad cholesterol levels. When processing mutton or beef satay, you should prepare fresh pickled cucumbers. Because, cucumber contains natural soluble fiber or pectin which helps lower bad cholesterol.

5. Eat oats and nuts

The next way to lower cholesterol after eating sacrificial meat is to eat oats and nuts. Oatmeal is a food that is rich in nutrients as well as a source of soluble fiber that can lower cholesterol levels.

6. Exercise regularly

In addition, do more exercise after Eid Al-Adha. Regular exercise can help lower bad cholesterol and actually help increase good cholesterol or High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL). The addition of short intervals of exercise several times a day can also help with weight loss. Some exercises that can be an option include, brisk walking, cycling, or doing other favorite sports.

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