How to treat diabetes so that it doesn't end in amputation

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“Incorrect diabetes management can actually lead to amputation. Therefore, it is important to check blood sugar levels to carry out the treatment recommended by the doctor to prevent complications. ”

How to treat diabetes so that it doesn't end in amputation

Diabetes Mellitus is a dangerous disease and can lead to death. This disease is caused by high levels of sugar in a person's body. Lifestyle is one of the influencing factors to increase a person's risk of suffering from diabetes.

Among the famous people who have diabetes

The following famous people died from the disease, quoted from the Ranker page, Saturday (23/1/2016):

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell is known as the inventor of the telephone, which facilitates the way we communicate today. His discovery earned him a ranking of 50 as the most influential person of all time.

Besides being known as a scientist, the man who was born in Edinburgh, England, is also a businessman. Not only that, Graham Bell was also ranked 19 as the most important leader in the history of the United States and ranked 145 as a person who is expected to be alive. He died of diabetes in 1922 at the age of 75.

Johnny Cash

John R. Cash, also known as Johnny Cash, is a singer-songwriter, actor, and writer. Johnny Cash has a wide variety of music genres from rock to ecclesiastical music. Cash died at the age of 71 in 2003. He was ranked 17th as the greatest singer of all time and 48th as the saddest death of all time, although he was also ranked 50th as the rock star most addicted to drugs.

Carroll O'Connor

Carroll O' Connor is an American actor, producer and director who has worked for four decades. He died at the age of 77 years in 2001. Some of his famous works are “All in the Family”, “Kelly’s Heroes”, and “Cleopatra”. He was ranked 109 as the funniest person of all time which also proves how memorable his presence in the television world is.

In addition to treatment, you also need to do the right treatment so that your diabetes does not lead to amputation. Check out the various treatments and treatments for people with diabetes so that blood sugar levels can be controlled properly.

How to treat diabetes to prevent amputation

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the level of sugar in the blood increases. High levels of sugar can accumulate in the blood so that it cannot be absorbed properly by the body. This buildup can trigger various disorders of the body's organ functions, causing health problems.

In fact, if not treated properly, diabetes can cause complications for the sufferer, such as heart problems, nerve problems, eye damage, kidney problems, skin disorders, and even foot problems.

This is similar to what happened to Rini S Bon Bon during her life. He experienced complications in the legs, in the form of cuts and abrasions. Wounds and abrasions that are not treated properly can cause serious infections in diabetics, and can even lead to amputation. This condition is generally prone to occur on the fingers to the feet.

Then, what can be done to prevent diabetes from leading to amputation? The following diabetes management can be done to prevent complications, such as:

1. Control Blood Sugar Levels Every Morning

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you should control your blood sugar levels every morning to ensure your health condition. Monitoring sugar levels is very important to control proper blood sugar levels, help regulate diet, physical activity, to use drugs recommended by doctors.

2. Run Treatment According to Doctor's Recommendations

Of course, each person with diabetes will be given a different type of drug. Insulin will be given to people with type 1 diabetes. Meanwhile, people with type 2 diabetes will be advised to have a proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

By carrying out all the treatment according to the doctor's advice, diabetes can be controlled properly so that it avoids you from various complications, including amputation.

3. Eat more Fruits and Vegetables

For people with type 2 diabetes, you should focus on the intake you consume by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables. Don't forget to add protein to your diet every day.

Avoid consuming too many foods or drinks that contain added sweeteners. This can trigger an increase in blood sugar levels.

4. Do Regular Physical Activity

It is recommended to do regular exercise every day for people with diabetes. You can do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day to help control blood sugar levels.

Those are various things that can be done as a diabetes treatment to prevent complications and lead to amputation. If you have a medical history of prediabetes or a family history of diabetes, you should follow a healthy diet and proper diet.

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