Is the Multiverse Real? Here's the explanation

The multiverse is a hypothesis about the possibility that the universe is endless. The following is an explanation of the multiverse and its supportin
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Is the Multiverse Real? Here's the explanation

The multiverse is a hypothesis about the possibility that the universe is endless. The following is an explanation of the multiverse and its supporting theories.

The multiverse or often also called the multiverse is now in the spotlight of many people. This was triggered by the appearance of the superhero film Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The film tells a story about the multiverse that makes many viewers wonder, is the multiverse true? To get the answer to this question, see the explanation below.

What is Multiverse?

The Marvel Multiverse has succeeded in making many people curious about the term multiverse. Quoting from, mentioned a physicist named Max Tegmark in his book entitled Out Mathematical Universe wrote that, all the universe may consist of elements, atoms, or cosmic islands that have no end.

The belief in the endless universe is what gave rise to the term multiverse. The universe is said to have a twin known as a parallel universe or parallel world. This parallel universe is believed to run side by side with the universe inhabited by humans.

In New Scientist it is explained that the term multiverse was first introduced by Hugh Everett III, an American physicist. Based on his thesis, Hugh explained that we live in a multiverse of countless universes.

The multiuniverse is full of copies of us. That copy is not a twin, but another version of ourselves.

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Theory About the Multiverse

The multiverse is a hypothesis about the possibility that the universe is endless. Until now, the theory of the multiverse is still developing. Based on the explanation in Live Science, there are at least five theories that support this hypothesis. Here's the explanation.

1. Infinite Universes

Scientists cannot be sure of the shape of space-time, but so far it is believed that the shape of space-time is large-flat and stretches without any boundaries.

However, if space-time lasts very long, then this can repeat itself at a certain time. The reason is that there are finite particles that can be arranged in space and time.

In short, a person is said to be able to see and discover another version of oneself which is actually an infinite version. This other version is said to be able to do the things we are currently doing.

2. Bubble Universes

Another multiverse theory is Bubble Universes. A study from Tufts University cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin said that when we look at space-time as a whole, we can see that there are areas of space that stopped expanding like the Big Bang which inflated our universe.

3. Daughter Universes

This theory explains the possibility of several universes following the theory of quantum mechanics. The theory of Daughter Universes or Many World Theory was put forward by Hug Everett.

This theory believes that the universe can create a copy for every possible outcome of a given situation.

4. Mathematical Universes

The multiverse theory was proposed by Max Tegmark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012.

This theory explains that the structure of mathematics can change depending on our existence.

5. Parallel Universes

Parallel worlds are talked about a lot these days. This theory can be explained as human life and the universe simultaneously with each other.

Quantum experts believe that every time a parallel world is created. Uniquely, each universe is not aware of the existence of other universes and cannot be sure which universe is really real.

Is the Multiverse Real?

After discussing the multiverse supporting theory, maybe we are still wondering about the truth of this multiverse. It is said that theoretically the existence of the multiverse is closely related to quantum physics.

As a science, quantum physics is a field of physics that deals with the relationship of matter and energy at the particle level or a small part of physics.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, an American astro physicist explained that everything predicted by the principles of quantum physics was tested and true. Philosophically the universe has never made up only one.

For example planets, Earth is not the only planet in this universe. Therefore, it is possible that the Milky Way galaxy is also not the only galaxy in this universe.

From this we can draw the conclusion that it is not impossible if there is more than one infinite number of universes. However, the existence of this multiverse still needs to be studied and studied further.

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