The COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory that is an issue in the universe

Conspiracy theories have even penetrated health issues, including the Corona Virus COVID-19.
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The COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory that is an issue in the universe

Conspiracy theories have even penetrated health issues, including the Corona Virus COVID-19.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated COVID-19 as a pandemic since March 11, 2020. This virus first appeared in China and in less than two months, has spread to every continent in the world.

Almost two years have passed, and the virus is still rampant. Then, many conspiracy theories around COVID-19 have sprung up both by word of mouth and on social media since then.

Here are 10 conspiracy theories related to COVID-19 that make you shake your head, quoted from List Verse.

America Created Corona Virus

This conspiracy theory says that the United States government created the Corona Virus. This theory was first created by the Russian news network Channel One while it was broadcasting live.

The COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory that is an issue in the universe

The presenter said that the Corona Virus was created by the US government to destroy the Chinese economy. So, the US can make and sell vaccines to the Chinese government.

This statement is claimed to be based on the meaning of Corona in Russian and Latin which means crown. In fact, President Trump was once a beauty pageant judge and was sometimes tasked with crowning the winner.

The presenter said this is the reason why the virus is called Corona or crown. However, this claim was denied by scientists that the virus was named Corona because of its crown-like shape.

Bill Gates Who Planned the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bill Gates' name is also inseparable from conspiracy theories about COVID-19. As predicted, in October 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation teamed up with the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security to test how to best deal with an outbreak.

The COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory that is an issue in the universe

Shortly after, COVID-19 emerged two months later. Thus, conspiracy theorists say that the event was the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this is denied by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Safety.

There are also those who say that Bill Gates designed a vaccine to microchip humanity.

5G Internet

Dana Ashlie, a conspiracy theorist, believes the COVID-19 virus is caused by radiation waves emitted by the 5G internet. Moreover, Wuhan was one of the first Chinese cities to get 5G.

This theory is based on a 2000 research paper that stated that 5G is harmful to human health.

The COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory that is an issue in the universe

Ashlie also mentioned that this virus is actually radiation poisoning which makes the immune system weak and susceptible to disease.

People who are against the conspiracy say that Ashlie's statement cannot be justified because a 2005 study proved that 5G is not harmful to humans.

Then, they point to the fact that Wuhan is not the only city to get 5G internet. There are 16 cities in China that get 5G internet.

COVID-19 As China's Biological Weapon

This conspiracy believes that China created the COVID-19 Virus as part of its biological weapons program.

This virus is stored in the National Biosafety Laboratory, then leaked and caused a pandemic.

The laboratory is the only facility owned by the Chinese government that can conduct research on deadly viruses, including the Corona Virus.

This conspiracy emerged based on President Xi Jinping's statement after the pandemic. He said that laboratory safety was a national issue.

COVID-19 Virus Stolen from Canadian Government

Some believe that the COVID-19 coronavirus was created by social science teacher Justin Trudeau at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada.

The laboratory is a Canadian government facility that conducts research on the deadly virus.

Conspiracy experts say two Chinese spies stole and sent the virus to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The spy is Dr. Keding Cheng and his wife, Dr. Xiangguo Qiu. They worked in the lab and were suddenly laid off in 2019.

Conspiracy experts claim they were fired for stealing virus samples. However, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said they were expelled due to policy and administrative issues.

Meteoroid Explosion October 2019

On October 11, 2019, in the early hours of the morning, in northeastern China, an unusual phenomenon occurred. A meteoroid exploded in the sky causing intense flashes and making the night sky as bright as day.

Conspiracy experts recorded a replay of the incident and said that the meteoroid carried the COVID-19 virus from outer space, because the meteoroid did not land on the ground.

This has been denied by scientists. If it is true that the virus was brought from outer space, they claim that the virus cannot survive extreme temperatures.

Moreover, the emitted temperature is 647 degrees Celsius. It was more than enough to kill the virus many times.

Chinese Blogger Eats Bat Soup

Wang Mengyun, a Chinese blogger, fell victim to a conspiracy theory after his video went viral on social media for eating bats.

As circulated the initial cause of COVID-19 was caused by bats. Mengyun was accused of being the person who contracted the virus and passed it on to other people.

Upon inspection, it turned out that the video was taken in 2016. Later, Mengyun was forced by the Chinese government to apologize for eating bats.

COVID-19 is a modification of HIV

Indian researchers say the COVID-19 virus has similarities to the HIV-1 virus. They also said this was sufficient evidence that the HIV virus was modified to make this new virus.

Then, they publish the paper on bioRxiv, a website for research papers. This conspiracy caused controversy which caused the researchers to withdraw the uploaded paper.

Corona Beer

In Mexico, there is a beer brand called Corona Extra. This beer has nothing to do with the COVID-19 Corona Virus, it just has the same name.

This beer is called Corona which is taken from Latin and means crown. Corona Extra has experienced a naming crisis since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

Although this beer does not cause and spread the COVID-19 Corona Virus, people believe more in conspiracy theories. Since January, Google has been flooded with searches for the word 'Corona beer'.

Comedian Spreading Corona Virus

Samuel Hyde is a famous American actor and comedian who is suspected of starting the COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic.

This accusation stems from every joke that Hyde makes an unfortunate incident in the United States. For example, in 2017 there was a mass shooting incident carried out by the perpetrator of the same name, Hyde.

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