Hybrid Animals From Other Crossbreeding Species

Crossbreeding is done by pairing one animal with another animal that has a stronger gene. The offspring eventually have the dominant genes of both...
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Hybrid Animals From Other Crossbreeding Species

If previously we have seen the title "The Unique Fruits of Crossbreeding in the World", this time we see how animals are hybridized by technological advances.

Because the earth has undergone many changes. Living things are also required to adapt if they do not want to be exposed to natural selection. One way is to do cross-breeding.

Crossbreeding is done by pairing one animal with another animal that has a stronger gene. The offspring eventually have the dominant genes of both animals. There are two kinds of crosses, namely natural or artificial involving human intervention.

Of course, not all animals can be crossed. Isn't it possible to mate a deer with an elephant? Therefore, only those from one family or subfamily can do it. For example, between goats and sheep that produce geep (goat-sheep).

There are many more new animals that may not be believed. Check out the following explanation.

1. Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat

This exotic cat turned out to be the result of a mix between a domestic cat and a serval, a big cat that lives in the wild. It has a cute face like an ordinary cat but with a spotted pattern typical of a wild cat. When viewed directly, this cat looks like a small cheetah. The body is slender, long, with a fur coat like an African cat.

This uniqueness makes many people like it. In the 1990s, the savannah cat became popular among animal lovers. Even so, it is quite difficult to cross a common cat with a serval given that they both have different habitats.

2. Iron Age Pig (hybrid pig)

Iron Age Pig (hybrid pig)

This hybrid pig has a very large body for the size of a pig. This is because he is the offspring of a cross between a pig and a wild boar. They are called iron age pigs because they look like ancient pigs that lived in the Iron Age, which is between 1200 BC and 600 BC. This pig was deliberately bred in Europe for consumption. But often they are very aggressive, like wild boars.

3. Tigon


Can you guess which animal is the father and mother? Tigon turns out to be from a cross between a male tiger and a female lion so that it belongs to the Panthera class. Its smaller size makes the tigon look more like a big cat weighing 180 kilograms as an adult.

It is caused by a gene from the mother that causes them to be born with a dwarf. Due to the risk of being released into the wild, tigons are only bred in captivity.

4. Wholphin


Wholphin is a rare hybrid animal that belongs to the marine dolphin family. They were produced from a cross between a female bottlenose dolphin and a male killer whale. The world's first wholphin named Kekaimalu was born in Hawaii in 1985. The striking character of this hybrid is that it is smaller than a dolphin.

5. Jaglion


A Jaglion is a cross between a male jaguar and a female lion, which belongs to the class panthera. This crossbreeding is done because most male pantera are sterile, so the chances of survival in the wild are very small.

Humans then intervened by mating jaguars and lions. But scientists say this also occurs naturally in their habitat.

6. Grolar Bear / Pizzly Bear

Grolar Bear / Pizzly Bear

Remember the Grizz and Ice Bear characters from We Bare Bear? It turns out that the two species can be crossed. At first scientists tried to put their DNA together, it turned out that the two could breed and produce hybrid bears.

Since then, the grolar bear has been successfully bred in captivity and zoos. Although it looks amazing but actually this bear was crossed out of desperation. Polar bear habitats are getting destroyed, as are grizzly bears. The grolar bear exists to preserve its second gene and so it can live in two different natural conditions.

7. Beefalo


Beefalo is produced by mixing cattle with American bison (buffalo). These hybrid beasts first appeared in the 18th century, when farm animals began herding with wild bison.

Crossing originally occurred naturally, but in the mid-19th century, humans began to breed it intentionally. The goal was to produce more livestock during the colonial era.

It turns out that behind the cross-breeding, there is a certain goal to be achieved. Starting from for the benefit of humans to survive.

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