It is important to have a friend to talk to to prevent depression

Having someone to talk to can improve your well-being and mental health. Because, those who do not have friends to talk to are prone to depression.
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It is important to have a friend to talk to to prevent depression

“Having someone to talk to can improve your wellbeing and mental health. Because, those who do not have friends to talk to are prone to depression, because there is no place to lean on and share.”

A good interlocutor can allow you to communicate openly, share happy or sad stories. They may not be shy about telling the truth, even if you don't like it. However, they are always there to accept you as you are.

Besides being able to share joys and sorrows, having someone to talk to is important for preventing depression. When you experience problems or are stuck in dealing with problems, then telling other people can help and alleviate the problem.

Benefits of having a friend who is rarely realized

In various therapies for healing mental health disorders, 'telling' is one method that is still believed to be effective. By telling a trusted person or friend, you can reduce at least half of the burden you feel. A good interlocutor can also make you feel like you have a place to lean on, listen to your problems, and make you feel like you're not alone.

The author of the book 'Love Your Body' written by Talia Fuhrman, said that having a good friend to talk to is much more useful than storing and collecting favorite things. According to him, friends can provide a new perspective in life, faithfully accompany and support in difficult times, to accompany them in pleasant moments.

Having a good interlocutor can make someone mentally healthier, than those who don't. In fact, it can also prevent depression.

People who are depressed usually experience feelings of sadness and anxiety that are protracted. They will feel as if they are trapped in a state of extreme despair, and no one will be able to understand them.

Well, people who don't have friends to talk to are usually prone to depression. Therefore, try to find good interlocutors and share stories with them.

How to find a good interlocutor

The 'interlocutor' in this case can be your closest friend, parent, sibling, or anyone you think can be trusted when you want to share a story. Get in the habit of asking them for advice when you have a problem.

However, when you find someone new to talk to, make sure they can be trusted. Because it is very important to share various understandings and have good communication with friends. Some of the things that a good interlocutor will do are:
  • Show a genuine interest in yourself, what you have to say, and how you think and feel.
  • He will accept you as you are.
  • He will listen without judgment.
  • Not trying to tell you how to think and feel, or changing the subject.
  • He will also share things about themselves, so there is mutual openness.

You also need to broaden your circle of friends by making lots of new friends. Open your mind as wide as possible, keep in mind always that you are not alone, and there are many people out there who may be experiencing similar or even worse problems.

In addition, you also have to always think positively about everything. Because, negative thoughts are seeds that can cause stress and depression. Instead of seeing a problem as something terrible, finding friends to share stories and help find solutions is a good solution.

That's all you need to know about the benefits of having someone to talk to. As trivial as it may sound, having a good person to talk to can help you prevent depression.

If you have difficulty finding someone to talk to, or find it difficult to open up with those closest to you.

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