Some of the Panoramic Train Services in the World

The term "panoramic train" itself is used for tourist trains that are famous for being comfortable with panoramic windows.
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Some of the Panoramic Train Services in the World

The term "panoramic train" itself is used for tourist trains that are famous for being comfortable with panoramic windows. This feature allows passengers to see the beautiful scenery outside the window more freely, considering the window is bigger than the train in general.

A number of countries in the world already have panoramic trains. One of the most famous for its panoramic train is Switzerland. The railroad tracks allow travelers to be mesmerized by the stunning mountain views.

Don't miss the spectacular glaciers and crystal lakes, and drive through villages in tranquil valleys. Switzerland is known for its stunning panoramas that change with the seasons, and the panoramic train provides a unique, serene and relaxing way to enjoy it.

There are several panoramic train options to explore Switzerland. The Golden Pass Panoramic MOB, which runs from Montreux on Lake Geneva to Zweisimmen in the Bernese Alps, is one of them.

Some of the Panoramic Train Services in the World

The route allows passengers to pass through lush green meadows, framed by majestic Alpine peaks. This train is also available in a retro edition for a timeless journey in a romantic setting.

Then, there is also The Glacier Express. This "world's slowest express train" connects the famous resorts of St-Moritz and Zermatt, covering 291 km in eight hours at an average speed of 36 km/h.

The train crosses the Alps, passing through 91 tunnels and 291 bridges, from the spectacular Matterhorn to the stunning Rhine Gorge. Due to the roof windows, you can admire the stunning view while on the train.

West Coast of the United States

The experience of riding a panoramic train can also be tried in the United States. Along the U.S. West Coast, a 2,200-kilometre railroad stretches from Seattle to Los Angeles, a route often cited as one of America's most beautiful rail journeys, reports CNN.

The route, called Coast Starlight, takes a total of 35 hours to pass through Washington state, across Oregon and along the California coastline. Panoramic rail service website Amtrak calls it "A west coast train adventure like no other."

Some of the Panoramic Train Services in the World

An online search also shows a number of travel blogs and YouTube videos showing off the beautiful scenery along the way. As the train pulls away from Seattle, the towering silhouette of Mount Rainier and its distinctive flat volcanic peak in the distance is immediately apparent.

Travelers then pass through the Pacific Northwest forest which is lush with Douglas fir and hemlock trees. There is also a view of a wet field covered with hundreds of pumpkins, besides passengers will also find a variety of daily activities of local residents along the route.

Passengers also pass through small towns and industrial centers: lumber mills, recycling plants, and warehouses filled with haystacks and lumber. During summer when the days are longer, passengers can catch glimpses of waterfalls near Portland, or forest views as the train climbs the Cascades and through the steep Sacramento River Valley.

Some of the Panoramic Train Services in the World

As it passes through the northern state of California, flooded fields and swamps are replaced by palm trees and fishermen around San Pablo Bay. At one point, the train tracks were so close to the shore that it looked like they were gliding straight over the water, nothing but blue waves outside the window.

Also in India

India also has a panoramic train. Since April 2022, Indian rail passengers traveling between Mumbai and Gandhinagar can enjoy an "enhanced travel experience and panoramic views like never before," according to Financial Express.

Some of the Panoramic Train Services in the World

Western Railway has introduced the Vista Dome train car on the Gandhinagar Capital Shatabdi Express train series. The large glass windows and glass roof on the Vista Dome carriages give passengers a panoramic view of the route.

In an effort to offer an enhanced travel experience to Shatabdi Express passengers, the Western Railway zone of the Indian Railways network has decided to introduce a Vista Dome to the No. 12009/12010 Mumbai Central – Gandhinagar Capital Shatabdi Express train.

Some of the Panoramic Train Services in the World

In the first batch, the train was operated from April 11 to May 10, 2022. According to the statement, the new Vista Dome Mumbai – Gandhinagar Capital Shatabdi has several modern features and facilities, including a glass roof, large glass windows, observation room and revolving chairs.

In the Vista Dome carriages, the seating capacity is 44 passengers. They plan to add the panoramic train carriage route in the future.

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